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How I Can Help

As a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, I can help you find healing and hope for your health.

What I Do: What I Do
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What can Be Well do for you?

You could search out your own strategies on your own. My wife and I certainly did. It took 30 years. Or I could save you a lot of time and energy and assist you in improving your well being. Whatever label your unwell body has received, whatever protocols you have tried, I understand. When you become a patient in the Be Well Functional Medicine system, you will not just be heard and receive a personalized health plan, but we will be a steady resource for your sustainability, to go with you on your journey until you don’t need me. I believe fundamentally that your body is able to heal!

How long does it take to see results?

All healing takes time. Quantum change is rare. But encouraging change is common. As I have learned in most of life…Improvement and change usually take longer than we want. Nonetheless, having confidence that your road map to being well has been customized specifically for you, will help you be a patient-patient.

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Personalized plans just for you

My unique training requires me to listen to your story. To search your records and get to know you. Then to prepare a customized health plan for you. This plan will evolve. Both as you heal and as your body lets us know what needs to change.

Bill takes the time to listen to you

My hope is to be available to listen, learn, and customize health plans just for you.

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Book a discovery call to learn more about how I can help you on your journey to better health and wellness.

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