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See which pricing package is right for you. 

Package 1

1-Deep Dive Research and Road Mapping Being Well For Life (see service description in A La Carte menu)
2-Follow-Up phone/zoom appointments with Dr. Lanier Totaling 3 hours.
3- 6 Months Unlimited Texts and Emails 
4- 12 Health Coaching Sessions 

Package 2

1-Deep Dive and Health Road Map Session (see service description in A la carte menu)
2- 60 Minutes of Follow up Appointments
3 90 Days Unlimited Texts and Emails

A La Carte Services

1- Deep Dive And Health Road Map - $599 - Once you have completed all required record gathering and your Exhaustive Health History, and fees are paid, then Dr. Lanier will meet with you for two 45 minute appointments. The first appointment is to make sure he allows you to tell your whole story and he relates any need for more information/Labs/records. The second 45 minute appointment will be to present your Customized Health Road Map. Texts and emails are included for the 30 days after the Road Map is recommended.

2- Follow Up Appointments - $199/ 60 minutes and/or  $99/ 30 minutes (this is not a Deep Dive)

3- Text and Email Access to Dr. Lanier - $99 / per 30 day increments (this is included to some degree in packages)

4- Health and Wellness Coaching - contact Cecilia Lanier (Your Ally) her website is linked to mine! I consider coaching essential to making and sustaining Health Road Map changes.

Free 20 Minute Discovery Call

20 minutes @ US$0.00 - By phone
This is a 20 minute phone consult free of charge. The purpose is to clarify what functional medicine (FM)is and answer any questions the prospective client has. And the purpose is to make sure FM is a good fit for the Practitioner and the Patient.

30 Minute Follow Up Appointment

30 minutes @ US$99.00 - By phone, Online/Video chat
Not a deep dive, but a more focused appointment ...following up a deep dive(s)


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